Poland defends Europe against the aggression of Lukashenko and Putin 

To Friends in Europe and around the world:

More than three centuries have passed since Polish king Jan III Sobieski saved the peoples of Europe from the Muslim Ottoman enslavement in the Battle of Vienna, just over one century since the Polish soldier in the Battle of Warsaw saved the peoples of Europe – and perhaps the whole world – from the bloody advance on the West by the Soviet Evil Empire of Lenin and Stalin and barely 41 years since the 10-million Polish Solidarity movement, inspired by the teachings of one Polish saint, Pope John Paul II, led to the fall of the red plague and the restoration of freedom in Central and Eastern Europe.

Today, at the coming to an end of the Pax Americana era in Europe and in the world, once again, it is the Polish border guard who defends European freedom, security, and prosperity against the onslaught by the Eastern warlord’s pack. Until recently, other instruments of their aggression dominated in the EU: gas blackmail used to extort or increase the price tag and social discontent, media fake news, and other Internet weapons produced massively on Russian troll farms to strengthen the influence of their secret agents in Europe to sow political and social confusion and incite social divisions as well as notorious political murders, intimidation of enemies and corruption of influential public figures.  At this point, the regime of Alexander Lukashenka backed by the Russian imperialism of Vladimir Putin has opened a very dangerous stage of the new type of war, known as the hybrid war, and attacked directly the eastern borders of the Union, using illegal economic migrants, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, as a live weapon, quite like the Mongol hordes treated Christian prisoners strapped to siege machines.

Under the guise of alleged humanitarian crisis organized and staged by themselves, Lukashenko and Putin aim to extort:

  • the lifting of sanctions for the rigged elections and oppression of political opponents;
  • diplomatic recognition of a fraudulent presidency;
  • extort money in exchange for refraining from further provocations, attacks, and crimes;
  • weakening of the defense power in EU states;
  • renouncement of claims against Belarus, Russia, and their officials for crimes: the acts of aggression against Poland and the Baltic countries, for organized crimes, including smuggling people, for the death, injury, and harm inflicted on border guards, internal political opponents, and other terror victims as well as on migrants used as hybrid war weapons,
  • renouncement of compensation claims for defense costs by Poland and Baltic states, rightfully due under international law.

In a situation where Poland, supported by the Baltic countries, quite clearly seems to be winning the war on the Eastern borders of the Union, the leader of Germany and the European Commission stab in the back the defenders of Europe with a political knife. Above the heads of Poland and the Baltic countries, the European Commission suddenly announces that it will pay extortion money to Lukashenka.  Then, the outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel unexpectedly and arbitrarily starts a dialogue with Lukashenka and Putin, disregarding all – not so distant – tragic history of the communities in Central and Eastern Europe under the Soviet rule, and the fresh wounds inflicted by herself on Western European societies by inviting the mass smuggling of migrants with the Herzlich Willkommen policy, resulting in hundreds of victims of terror and violence and enormous material losses in Western Europe, as well as the terrible fate of over 20,000 illegal migrants drowned in the Mediterranean after 2016. The political authors of these disastrous strategies remain completely unpunished to this day.

In view of the above, we call on all free nations of Europe and the world:

to support Poles and Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians – in mutual solidarity – in their defensive war on the Eastern borders of the European Union with the forces of Lukashenka and Putin,


to fight for the non-proliferation of hybrid war in the world


to show solidarity to migrants from Afghanistan and Angola, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia, Guinea, Iraq, Cameroon, Congo, Cuba, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Malia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, used as living weapons by terrorist states, Belarus and Russia,

through :

  • clear and universal condemnations of state terrorism by Lukashenka and Putin
  • demands to maintain and extend sanctions against regimes in Belarus and Russia and the creators of the Nord Stream 2, until effective,
  • demands to release immediately all political prisoners in Belarus and Russia, including Angelika Borys, Andrzej Poczobut, and Alexei Navalny,
  • demands to cease immediately the violation of international law, written and customary, and to bring before the international justice, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and punish all the aggressors and criminals,
  • demands on all world leaders to obey the rules of security, applicable laws, and good customs, including the implementation of community rules in the European Union, the rules applicable to members of the UN, OSCE, and the Council of Europe, and – in particular – the cessation of genocide, violence, aggression, imperialism, corpohegemonism, oligarchization, corruption, and exploitation,
  • active and thoughtful participation in national and European elections, including presidential, parliamentary, and municipal, based on a sound assessment of a politician’s record with regards to the defense of the fundamental rights and interests of citizens, their freedom, security, and prosperity,
  • building – in solidarity – a network of civic, local, national, regional, and international organizations, for a joint, active, and continuous defense against violence, enslavement, and exploitation by the big and powerful global players.

One for all and all for one!

“Republika  Polonia” Association


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