Polish Presidents who protected the continuity of the Polish Statehood in WWII are given honorary burial in Poland at last.

Polish Presidents who protected the continuity of the Polish Statehood in WWII are given honorary burial in Poland at last.

Jan Dziedziczak: The Polish presidents who cared about the continuity of statehood  are returning to free Poland

The Government Plenipotentiary for Polonia and Poles Abroad Jan Dziedziczak, told TVP Info about Saturday’s ceremony for the reburial of the presidents of the Second Republic in exile Władysław Raczkiewicz, August Zaleski, and Stanisław Ostrowski, whose remains were brought to the country on the initiative of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. “Returning are the presidents who for decades took care of the continuity of Poland’s legitimate authorities, that the head of state was represented at all times per the rules of a free, independent Poland, the Second Republic. Let us remember the presidency in exile began in 1939. It was provided for by the provisions of the Constitution of the Second Republic. Initially, the first year – was in France, then from 1940 to 1990 out of London. Fifty years of the presence of Polish legal authorities in London”, he recalled.

According to Dziedziczak, “the events surrounding the presidents’ return to the country have several dimensions”.

“First and foremost, free, independent democratic Poland today in the 21st century makes it clear who is right, who was identified with whom. One identified with those legitimate presidents acting based on a Constitution adopted by a parliament elected by the Polish people, not those imposed by Soviet tanks. This is the first thing, but the second is the educational and informational dimension. For example, our conversation today www.misjawolnapolska.pl prepared especially for these celebrations, educational competitions or the return of this history to school textbooks. Finally, the subject of history and the present, which makes young people familiar with the history of recent decades, which concerns us the most,” he said.

The Government Plenipotentiary for Polonia and Poles Abroad admitted that bringing the remains of the presidents to Poland was a pervasive operation. “We had to communicate diplomatically and with our compatriots there in London because we treat them subjectively as a partner, i.e., with their families, with the British side. And with us at home, the question of talks with the Office of the President, because they are, after all, our present President’s predecessors with us today at the ceremonies. It’s a question of talks with the military, the full ceremonial aspect that belongs to the head of state. Finally, it is a question of talks with the Temple of Divine Providence and the creation of a mausoleum worthy of the head of the Polish state,” he concluded.

Author: Michał Szukała; Translation: J. Czarniecki


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    May they rest in final peace…

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