Thank you very much Elentir!

Thank you very much Elentir!

A tireless Spanish journalist using the nickname Elentir has been working hard for 14 years in the small Spanish port city of Vigo to protect and defend the good name of Poland and the Polish people. He has been defending us against media lies very effectively just out of the goodwill and at his own expense.

A tall, nice, forty-year-old Galician hides from public view under the pseudonym Elentir. He does not speak Polish but understands us, the Poles, better than we do understand ourselves. What is most important is that he writes, comments, and reports on Polish matters more honestly than thousands of Western journalists “specializing in the subject of Central and Eastern Europe.”(1)

Yes, unfortunately, Elentir must remain anonymous. Not because he has something to hide, but because he must protect himself and his loved ones. Today writing and publishing the truth in Spain is very risky because ETA heirs and left-wing radicals terrorize the entire society. In times of massive attacks on Poland, when the Western press writes about Poland only in negative terms or not at all, Elentir publishes not only reliable and credible information about Poland and the policies of the current government, but he also writes articles reminiscent of the noblest times of our proud history. The Spanish-speaking and English-speaking world would have never known this information had it not been for Elentir’s love for a country that he has never even seen with his own eyes, the country with which he has no family relations! (2)

On a day when the world remembers the anniversary of the liberation of the German-Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, Elentir reminds the Spanish people on his webpage Contando Estrelas about the forgotten and neglected Polish victims of German concentration and extermination camps in the article entitled “Polish Catholics: The Great Forgotten when it comes to the victims of the Holocaust.” While all Western media mention only Jews, homosexuals, Soviet prisoners of war, and Gypsies as victims of “Nazi death camps” he writes the truth. Hence the importance of his article, but also hundreds of other similar texts, cannot be overestimated.

Judging from the popularity and reach that his publications enjoy in social media in Spain and HispanoAmerica, there is no doubt that his work is appreciated by its merits. Thanks to him Spanish-speaking readers learn about important historical facts that are completely unknown to them like the stories about Pilecki, Sendler, and other heroes of the Polish Resistance and Solidarity Movement.

In 2018, when all mass daily papers, quoting abundantly from Jan T. Gross, were publishing accusations about “Jewish-phobic Poland,” he himself together with his friend Alberto Trujillo, another friend of Poland who serves as President of the Spanish Association “Poland First to Fight,” stood up to this propaganda machine and defended the historical truth while putting themselves at the great risk of public ostracism and hate. Similarly, when Russia tried to portray Poland as an accomplice to the crime of the Holocaust, Elentir tirelessly kept disproving this claim by publishing detailed and reliable data, for which his medium became famous.

At the pinnacle of Brussel’s attacks on Poland, Elentir, our best ambassador in the world of Spanish media, titles one of his texts in Contando Estrelas as follows: “Veto of Poland and Hungary, or what you will not learn from the media.” This article explains how important and necessary it is for both countries to fight to save not only their sovereignty but also the sovereignty of other European nations from the ideological deterioration and colonization by Brussels. (3)

Yes, Contando Estrelas is not a global portal, although, of course, publications in the two most-spoken languages, that is English and Spanish, offer a tremendous potential of reaching out to the global audience to popularize our history and challenge fake news about the current situation in Poland. Furthermore, Elentir’s website Counting Stars at, which operates in Spanish and English, fits into the conservative-liberal space of debate. This non-radical profile helps in spreading articles about Poland in thousands of views to the supporters of VOX, i.e. the third force in Spain.

It is difficult to guess why Elentir’s pro-Polish battle in the media has not been fully appreciated in Poland so far. WE all know that today Poland suffers from the shortage of good press in the West. Yet, we disregard our genuine and committed ambassadors who carry out this mission for us, doing immense, immense work for our country. How many tourists and pilgrims from Spain are attracted to our country because of his texts….

One Polish journalist Małgorzata Wołczyk does appreciate the work of Elentir. She met with Elenitr and asked him the key question: How is it that you, a Galician from Vigo, have so much understanding and admiration for a distant country? Elentir repied:

This sense of bond with you is mainly due to the fact that I am a Catholic and I began to be interested in the homeland of your great compatriot St. John Paul II. When I was a child, I watched strikes and demonstrations of Solidarity on TV, because even to us, Spaniards, it seemed that the Soviet empire was indestructible. Yet, it was you who shook this giant. Later, as I read, I got a taste of your history, especially that of World War II. And your legendary steadfastness during the uprising sealed my lasting and faithful admiration. (4)

Despite the tireless treasonous work of domestic Polonophobes and adepts of the pedagogy of shame, let us finally appreciate the one who quietly, humbly, and for free performs titanic work for Poland in a remote corner of Europe.

It seems however that it is the Polish nature to ignore our benefactors, isn’t it? So, to overcome this weakness of ours please visit his webpage in the Polish version at Elentir’s website and leave at least a word of gratitude, which he has NEVER sought and never asked for.

Thank you Elentir from “Republika Polonia”!

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  1. Thanks to Małgorzata for her article and to you for translating it into English. For me it is a pleasure and an honor to defend a great Nation such as Poland.

    Niech żyje Polska!

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