Corruption spy scandal in the European Parliament

Corruption spy scandal in the European Parliament

Clash Zone:  Member of European Parliament D. Tarczyński reveals new links in Katargate

It’s a corruption spy scandal in the European Parliament: former vice-president Eva Kaila with ties to Russian-Greek oligarch Ivan Savvidis


“Katargate did not break out last year. This affair has been going on for at least a dozen years, and it is not only a corruption affair but also an espionage affair,” European Parliament Member (MEP) Dominik Tarczyński told TVP Info’s ‘Strefa Starcia’ program. The Law and Justice MEP revealed the shocking links between former European Parliament vice-president Eva Kaila and Russian-Greek oligarch Ivan Savvidis in the corruption spy scandal in the European Parliament.


On the Clash Zone program, Dominik Tarczyński revealed the shocking links between MEPs.

What links did Eva Kaili have to the Russian-Greek oligarch?

The Law and Justice MEP showed many pictures of, among others, Eva Kaili in the company of Russian-Greek oligarch Ivan Savvidis.

Kaili is a political protégé of former Greek Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos. It was he who opened the door to her political career. Kaili became a councilor in Thessaloniki at the age of 24. She later moved to Athens, where she became a TV presenter for Mega TV. She quickly became a regular in the Greek capital’s trendiest bars and restaurants and was often photographed in the company of Greek-Russian oligarch Ivan Savvidis.

Who is Ivan Savvidis?

Savvidis has been associated with Rostov-on-Don for most of his life. In the early 1990s, he took over the local tobacco company “Donskoy Tabak”, which quickly became the largest cigarette manufacturer in Russia.  In 2007, he entered the Russian State Duma on behalf of Vladimir Putin’s “United Russia” party. In 2012, he took over PAOK Thessaloniki soccer football club and moved from Greece. He is also one of the shareholders in Mega TV, the same channel where Kaili’s TV career began.

“Savvidis is Putin’s man. He was one of the first to be sanctioned. His property was confiscated. He is also a friend of Ms Kaili,” Tarczyński revealed.

“Kaili was described by the Financial Times as an “inside woman” or an informer. In fact, she was called an agent. This was not just about corruption. She had been fraternizing with the Russians for years and had herself requested that Article 7 be triggered against Poland, freezing EU funds for our country,” said the Law and Justice MEP.

Kaili’s long-term partner is Francesco Giorgi, also one of the protagonists of Katargate.

“The assistant (Laura Ballarin – editor’s note), who works for the socialist boss Iratxte Garcia Perez, had a lot of fun with Giorgi and Kaili. They had a great time on yachts, drinking wine together. It went on for many years,” he said.

Tarczyński also recalled that the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s spokeswoman, Yelizaveta Peskova, worked as an intern in the European Parliament.

“Who allowed this?” – he asked on Clash Zone.

The MEP also revealed that one of the founders of the discredited Piera Antonio Panzeri Foundation was George Soros.


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