Pope’s Day Celebration in Spain

Pope’s Day Celebration in Spain

Dear friends, On April 23 members of Poland First to Fight participated in the celebration of the “Pope’s Day” organized by the Association “Polonia Domus Nostra” and the Polish College of Torrejón “San Juan Pablo II”. 

This event was attended by the director of the Polish Institute of Culture Ms. Gabriela Slowinska and the Liaison Officer of the Polish Police in Spain, Major Karolina Gablicka-Bak.Greetings,

Alberto Trujillo Hco.CulturalAssociation Poland First to Fight

Photos courtesy of: Tomasz Slowinski.



Queridos AmigosEl 23 de abril miembros de Poland First to Fight participaron en la celebración del “Día del Papa” organizado por la Asociación “Polonia Domus Nostra” y el Colegio Polaco de Torrejón “San Juan Pablo II”.

Al acto asistieron la directora del Instituto Polaco de Cultura Sra. Gabriela Slowinska y la Oficial de Enlace de la Policía Polaca en España, mayor Karolina Gablicka-Bak.

Un saludo afectuoso.Alberto TrujilloAsociación Hco.Cultural Poland First to Fight

Fotos cortesía de: Tomasz Slowinski.



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